A Guide to Buy Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

Among many sleeping positions, the side sleeping position is the most common. After a long tiring day at work, one always prefers to have a good 8-10 hours’ sleep, but it is impossible if you have a stiff mattress. Although it is very comforting and relaxing for you, it can cause you a significant amount of body pain, leave you with a backache, and even ruin your posture. So it would help if you bought the right mattress that is not only in your desired range but also ensures you a proper and content sleep. This article is here to let you know about the best soft mattress for side sleepers, which will provide you a lifetime of relaxation.

Is Soft Mattress Good for Side Sleepers and How It Affects them?

If you are a side sleeper, you should be very careful with the mattress you choose. If you slept on a stiff one, you would have to deal with

  • Shoulder Pain, a side sleeper will often be a victim of this. As they sleep, there is excess pressure on their side, resulting in neck pain. It can be avoided if a mattress with a sound support system and softness is used. It will prevent their body from sinking in too deeply.
  • Spine Misalignment is a big issue. Naturally, your spine is aligned in a neutral position. It can ruin your posture if misaligned. While sleeping, try to place a flat pillow under your stomach and pelvis area, reducing the pressure. You can also set a flat pillow between your knees, preventing the spine from misalignment.

Especially for pregnant women, these mattresses are the perfect decision. And with a pillow for back support, it will be comforting for them.

How are Soft Mattresses designed?

The main concern when it comes to designing these mattresses is their softness. As if they are made very soft, it will leave the sleeper in discomfort and body pain. It will alleviate the pressure points instead of relieving them and disturb the alignment of the spine. The foam also needs to be of high quality as it will last longer and ensure a good sleep.

Online or In-Store Purchase?

An in-store purchase is highly recommended if you are a side sleeper as you will get the opportunity to be sure of the quality and the softness of the foam. And there will be fewer chances of you getting scammed or the fraud of the seller. You can also get the mattress of your desired measurements.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Even though they are very comforting for side sleepers, they come with some disadvantages based on their performance and price. As they are used with time, the foam layers start to get weaker and leave the sleeper in stress.

A plush mattress with more foam layers can be a bit expensive too. They can also restrict the passage of air and can cause hot sleeping. But still, if bought from a good brand, they can be a good investment for you.