Benefits of Cold Shower

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Who doesn’t dread cold showers? Just the thought of it can make you cringe already! But apparently, it is so worth it because it offers tons of amazing benefits for our bodies and health.

From boosting your alertness to relieving your stress to strengthening your immune system, cold shower proves to be worthy of that shiver! 

Read on and discover how cold showers can also help promote weight loss, relieve depression, enhance your mental sharpness and more in this article.

Cold showers boost your alertness

Have you ever noticed yourself breathing deeper than usual after enduring the first few minutes of a cold shower? Well, guess what? This can actually benefit your alertness!

When you breathe deeper, you take more oxygen, and as a result, your heart rate also increases. Your brain then receives more oxygen, and adrenaline is spread throughout your body, causing you to feel more alert.

So, if you’re feeling extra groggy when you wake up in the morning, take that cold shower! It’ll give you just what you need to feel more awake and readier to take on the day!

Cold showers promote weight loss

Person wearing loose jeans

Cold showers can surprisingly aid in your weight loss efforts, too! Unknown to many, our bodies are made up of two fat tissues: brown fat, and white fat.

Both types of fats serve essential purposes. For instance, white fat serves as a cushion for your internal organs.

On the other hand, brown fat, which is commonly tagged as the “good fat”, plays a crucial role in calorie burning in order to generate heat.

So, how are these types of fat related to cold showers?

When you consume too much and burn fewer calories, white fat accumulates, and they turn into excess fat that will commonly appear around your breasts, hips, thighs, and buttocks. This is the type of fat that many of us struggle to get rid of.

You’d want to get as much brown fat as possible as this is the type of fat that can help you to lose weight.

A key component in torching those extra calories, brown fats can be generated by exposing your body to cold temperatures regularly.

Simply put, taking cold showers on a regular basis can help activate brown fats in your body, burning more calories.

Cold showers speed up muscle recovery

A cold shower after an intense sweat session at the gym can be beneficial, too! If you’re looking to relieve the soreness of your muscles from your workout sessions, jumping on a cold shower may help do the trick.

Cold showers assist in muscle recovery by reducing inflammation and promoting the recuperation of microtrauma, small body injuries that are usually caused by the frequent use of muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

One study found that contrast water therapy, alternating warm and cold water immersion, assisted in the recovery of high-intensity runners.

Aside from its beneficial effect on muscle recovery, cold showers also help to invigorate your body and enhance its vitality.

Cold showers improve your tolerance to stress

If you find yourself easily affected by stressful situations, cold showers may help you handle nerve-racking moments better.

One study found that exposure to cold water promotes “body hardening”, enhancing your tolerance to stress such as diseases.

Also, regular habits and routines make your body more adaptable, which suggests that taking a cold shower on a regular basis may help your body adjust and feel more comfortable with it over time.

Your body is exposed to stress every time you jump in that cold shower. But this gradually improves as your body learns to adapt and handle it more comfortably.

This is great training for your body in handling stressful situations, making you less agitated and more resilient during challenging times.

Cold showers enhance your blood circulation

Taking cold showers is another great way to boost your blood circulation, which can contribute a lot to your overall heart health. But how?

When cold water hits your body, it triggers faster blood circulation to allow your body to keep its ideal body temperature.

And this is great for your heart because your arteries get to pump blood more efficiently, reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases, and inflammation.

Cold showers boost your immunity

One study conducted in 1993 by the Thrombosis Research Institute in England found that those who took cold showers daily noted an increase in their white blood cells, which help fight infections.

According to the researchers, the increased production of white blood cells is a result of the stimulation of your immune system as your body tries to warm up itself.

Another research found a link between cold showers and sick leaves. According to the study’s findings, the participants who observed a hot-to-cold shower routine for at least 30 days had less self-reported sick leaves from work.

Cold showers may help treat depression

Research has shown that cold showers also positively affect depressive symptoms.

The study titled, ‘Adapted cold shower as a potential treatment for depression’, found that cold showers send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses to the brain, resulting in an anti-depressive effect.

The findings also showed that the analgesic effect of cold showers doesn’t come with adverse side effects or cause dependence.

Cold showers help to boost fertility in men

Heat may adversely affect the sperm count in men. According to Dr. Stephanie Singleton of The Fertility Center of Charleston, sperm production is dependent on temperature. The higher the temperature, the lower the sperm count.

The optimal production of sperm occurs when the testicles are two to four degrees below body temperature.

This suggests that cold showers can be of help in men with fertility issues. Some experts even suggest icing the balls to help with men’s fertility.

Cold showers promote skin health

Cold showers were found to have favorable effects on the skin, too! Hot water tends to strip away your skin’s natural oils and dry it out.

On the other hand, cold water helps to tighten your skin temporarily as it constricts blood vessels. What’s more, cold water helps to close pores, preventing skin irritants from causing damage.

Cold showers may also be beneficial for people with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Heat can worsen these conditions by stripping away the skin’s protective oils and increasing blood flow in the dermis.

Cold showers boost hair health

Woman with black shiny hair

Not only can cold showers promote skin health but hair health as well. If you’re looking to make your hair shinier, lock its moisture in by ending your shower with a cold rinse.

Warm water doesn’t necessarily harm your hair, it actually helps your follicles absorb your hair products better. For optimum shine and strength, though, experts recommend finishing off your shower time with cold water.

This will tighten and close your hair cuticle, preventing hair loss, and giving you the luster that you’re going for.

Tips and Tricks to Endure Cold Showers

Taking cold showers first thing in the morning (or whatever time of the day it is) can be very challenging, but with these incredible benefits, we see no reason not to take that shivering challenge!

So, we’ve listed some tips and tricks to make cold showers more bearable, so you can enjoy these health perks. Take note of these hacks for your next shower time:

Create a shower playlist

Listening to music in the shower is another great way to relax, plus it keeps you distracted. It helps to take your attention away from the cold water falling on your body, especially when you’re listening to your jam!

So, you might as well consider creating your shower playlist! It will not only give you the distraction that you need to endure your cold shower but it will also give your mood and energy a boost!

Start wetting your face, hands, and feet

Most of your sensory receptors are in your face, hands, and feet, so it’ll help if you wet them first.

Doing so will help you overcome the shock that usually comes with a cold shower, and your body will more likely find it easier to adjust to the water’s temperature. You will find this trick useful when you’re getting started.

Just take that shower

Just go for it because you know what? The pain and shock will eventually subside. Okay, a little self-talk might help in the process, so remind yourself that you’ll survive the shiver!

And now that you know what the benefits of cold showers are, you can repeat them in your head, too. You may even find them encouraging to bear the coldness of the water.

Keep moving

You will find moving your body helpful in enduring the cold temperature as it helps kick-start your body’s thermoregulation.

Your shower playlist can get more interesting and useful! Groove into your favorite tunes, and keep moving. You may even begin loving cold showers when you find showering this fun.

Do it regularly

The best way to endure cold showers is by doing it regularly. As mentioned earlier, your body learns to adapt to the stress of cold water over time, so it pays to take it on a regular basis!


A cold shower may not sound attractive to a lot of people, but it’s definitely worth a try. With its incredible benefits to your health, mood, and looks, it pays to never let the cold bother you!

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