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A long, tiring day calls for a restful night. But unfortunately, sleep is the newest luxury.

Aside from our often-busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, other factors affect our sleep quality too such as the mattress that we sleep in! Getting a sound sleep is a key to staying healthy and happy!

So, while we cannot control all the factors that play a major role in our sleep quality like environmental noise, there are still some things that we can do to enjoy a well-deserved rest!

Discover the factors that you need to consider when choosing the right mattress for you. Find out which type, size, and firmness of mattress best suits your needs and preferences.

We’ve also included more tips on how to pick the perfect sleeping tool, from identifying your budget to doing your research, and buying smart! All these and more in this article!

Choosing the Right Type of Mattress

Mattresses may all look the same, but underneath the surface, there are a lot of things going on. These various components help to determine the mattress’ sturdiness, comfort level, and support for your body.

Take a look at these different types of mattress to determine which do you need:

Open Spring Mattress

Also called the open coil or continuous coil, this mattress is considered the standard type. It is made of numerous coiled springs connected by a wire rod edge, which forms the structure and keeps the shape of the mattress.

Ideal for: Standard sprung mattresses offer great support for almost anyone. So, they make an ideal choice for those looking for strong edge support, excellent bounce, and cooling.

Memory Foam

Memory foam uses viscoelastic materials that are soft and energy absorbent.

This mattress evenly distributes body weight as it molds to the body’s heat and pressure. Once the pressure is removed, it returns to its original form.

Ideal for: People who are looking for a body shaping mattress may highly consider getting a memory foam. This mattress also offers a great hug, pressure relief, and excellent support.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are made from extremely breathable materials, providing cooling properties and great comfort. This type of mattress is prized for its responsiveness, cooling effects, and bounce.

Ideal for: The Latex mattress is an excellent choice for people who are searching for cooling properties, great bounce, and comfort.

Adjustable Mattress

As the name suggests, adjustable mattresses provide options for changing sleeping positions while still offering support.

From raising the head and foot to offering heat and/or massage for the sleeper, this mattress is an excellent choice for people with special needs or are looking for ultimate comfort!

Ideal for: Adjustable mattresses are perfect for people who have certain needs, especially those suffering from chronic back pain or other health conditions. They are also ideal for snorers and older sleepers.

Choosing the Right Mattress Size

When choosing the right mattress size, you have to consider who will sleep on the bed. Are you a couple or sleeping alone?

It is also important to consider your weight and height to find the right mattress size. Below are the different mattress dimensions:

  • Single: 39 x 75 inches or 99 x 190 centimeters

  • Double: 54 x 75 to 80 inches or 137 x 190 centimeters

  • Queen: 60 x 75 to 80 inches or 153 x 203 centimeters

  • Eastern King: 76 x 80 inches or 198 x 203 centimeters

  • California King: 72 x 84 inches or 182 x 213 centimeters

Choosing the Right Mattress Firmness

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The firmness of your mattress can also significantly affect your sleep quality. Find out which mattress firmness is appropriate for you:


Soft mattresses are ideal for people who frequently change positions while they sleep. This is because a soft mattress easily molds to the body’s position.

Medium soft

Much like the soft mattress, the medium soft mattress also makes an excellent pick for those who shift positions during their sleep often but need much better support.

Medium Firm

Sleepers who are looking for extra support for their lower back may find a medium firm mattress beneficial. This firmness level provides both comfort and additional support for people with such a specific need.


Firm mattresses make an excellent choice for people sleeping on their front or are suffering from back pain.

This is because firm mattresses offer comfortability and stability, most especially for those with back problems.

Additional Tips on Choosing the Right Mattress

To help you decide which mattress to get for your bedroom, we’ve included more tips to finalize your search. You can keep these tips handy when scouting for the perfect mattress:

Consider your budget

Before you head out to search for the best mattress for your home, identify how much are you willing to spend. But you must never leave your needs out of the equation.

A quality mattress is a worthy investment since it can help promote your health and well-being.

Narrow down your choices

Don’t forget to do some research, too! Now that you know what are the different types, sizes, and firmness of mattresses, it’s easier to narrow down your options.

It also helps to recall a moment when you’ve had a restful night, be it in a hotel or a vacation house. You can factor that experience in compressing your list of choices.

Read online reviews

Online reviews are super helpful in finalizing a purchase! People who’ve already had an experience using a certain product can shed some light into your search.

They help manage your expectations, and sometimes even offer a direct opinion on whether or not the product is worth your money. Just be mindful of sponsored reviews, and try to look for reliable sources.

Ask around

It also helps to seek the opinion of people closest to you. Your friends or family may have some information that’ll be helpful in your quest.

They may know the best places to look for quality mattresses or even someone who can assist you better with your inquiries.

They may even provide suggestions to make your search easier. All you need to do is ask. And most of the time, it pays to ask!

Talk to a pro

If you still aren’t convinced by the reviews you read online or the suggestions of your family and friends, a professional might be just what you need.

Knowledgeable salespeople can offer you guidance and assistance in your bedding choices. Seek answers to your mattress questions, and ask for more details whenever necessary.

If the salesperson you’re speaking with doesn’t seem to know what he or she is talking about, look someplace else.

Try them out

So, let’s say you’ve found a couple of mattresses you’re already considering to buy. How will you know which one to get? Another helpful tip is to try it out! Take your shoes off and lie on the mattress in different positions.

It’s highly suggested that you go mattress shopping wearing comfortable clothes, so it’ll be easier for you to move around, especially when you’re testing the product.

Take your time in testing out a mattress

When you try the mattresses out, really feel its comfort level and support for your body. Lie down on it in the position you usually have while you sleep.

Don’t rush, and assess whether or not the mattress will give you the comfort that you need for a restful night. The keener you are in choosing the right product, the lesser your regrets later on.

Compare and contrast your options

You’d probably have two to three choices after narrowing down your list. To make it easier for you to see which one is the best, make a list of pros and cons for each product, then compare and contrast the important factors.

Always consider the construction and feel of the mattress and not just the brand name. Also, consider store services and offers like delivery, payment terms, and product warranty.

Consider your investment

Think about this: You sleep on your bed between six and eight hours a day, every day. Do you want to get a cheap mattress but is less durable or a pricier one but offers superior quality?

Keep in mind that the goal is to not get the cheapest but the best you can afford. It’ll surely be a worthy investment, after all.

How to Care for Your Mattress

Quality and comfortable mattress will help you get a restful night. So, it is important to take proper care of your mattress.

It’s essential to read the product’s warranty and protect it against spills and stains. It’s also beneficial to flip and rotate it regularly to prevent only one side from being worn out.


A good night’s sleep is important in achieving optimum health. Having the right mattress can definitely make a huge difference.

Say goodbye to restless nights and painful mornings by choosing the best mattress for your home. It won’t only give you the rest you badly need to have but will let you enjoy several amazing health benefits as well!

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